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Thursday, October 26, 2006

damn.... these blogs are gonna kill me... I've got the carpal tunnel syndrome...and typing these things ain't helping...
but, since you read this...I guess the least I could do is tell you what the hell is going on in the corner office...at FREE FM.
First off, the Adam Carolla show is on fire! Tonight is the big playboy mansion broadcast.... and aside from my love of tequila, I really love doing shows at Hef's house. Not just for the hot chicks...but for the great radio we get out of the place... and the beautiful grounds of his home. I loved all the crazy stunts that the listeners did to win their way to the broadcast...which shows you how loyal our fans are ...or, how nutz! Either way, lots of girls, booze and the Ace Man. Good times... Frosty, Heidi and Frank are heading to san Diego tonight..for a live broadcast from mission beach tomorrow. I used to live in Diego...and knew that the audience down there would dig the Triplets... Tom Leykis is laying low this month because we have a lot for him to do between now and xmas.... like a Leykette calendar release party 11/11 in Long Beach and the annual Bunny Ball 12/8 at the Playboy Mansion... we should just set up a studio at Hef's house...we are there sooo much... Thanks for supporting the station... I appreciate it.... later

Monday, September 18, 2006

lord.... we're on the fast track at the FREE FM mothership... just had the ACE man, Adam Carolla live in san diego...and the Professor, Tom Leykis live from the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.... does anybody stay at the station???? And, we're revving up for a Leykis broadcast this Friday from the pool at the Palms hotel... and an after party at Scores Las Vegas. Then, we have to fly back early Sat morning to get to Long Beach for Frosty Heidi & Frank's 6th birthday party...at the Vault 350. Then, believe it or not, Adam Carolla is heading to New York for two days of live broadcasts from the big apple...and we wrap the month off with the FREE FM Think tank! That's where we get all the hot talkers on one stage for a "love fest" that will air during the midday show from 10A-2P.... Yikes...what are the other stations doing??? nada??? zilch??? waiting for rick dees to come to work??? what????

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

...back in the "air char" after a week in Japan..on vacation... Missed FREE FM....there was no good talk radio in Tokyo, and even if there was, I don't speak the language...so it wouldn't have mattered. Getting ready for the holiday weekend... and starting next week, we're cutting the commercials in the Adam carolla show.. so if you are a fan of the Ace Man, you'll get more Adam per hour.... good times.. also, getting ready for Adam to head to San Diego and New York for live broadcasts... Should be good. This Friday, Frosty,k Heidi and Frank will have their annual drinking show... where they hit the sauce and take breathalyzer tests to show how easy it is to reach the legal drinking limit. Tune in... should be fun....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Got one foot out the door...as I have some vacation time coming next week.... Did want to comment on the BWTB deal with our station... after getting tons of e mails and voice mails .... Here's where things stand...Breakfast with the Beatles is going on hiatus this fall... meaning, we will air some sponsored programming from 7-10A...and then two NFL football games... leaving the Beatles show without a home for the fall.... Here's an option: Put BWTB on our HD2 channel...commercial free! That would be from 9-12N.... and if you really are a fan of the show, all you need to do is buy a new HD radio..and enjoy.... Plus, you'd get all the benefits of HD including better sound...and extra "secret" radio stations... Waiting on final word on this...but that's the deal.. Carolla comes back for all live shows next week after taking some time off.... Blog again after next week

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

big week here at the FREE FM blowtorch.... with all roads leading to the Tom Leykis Summer Splash at the playboy mansion on Friday. It's always a nice way to spend the afternoon...at Hef's house.... with Tom doing his show... and this year the lineup for the show is stellar! Adam Carolla is coming by to break bread with Tom to kick the show off...then Hef will appear on the air with Tom... I mean the guy is freakin 80 years old...and has 3 girlfriends...and is living the life. Speaking of "The Girls Next Door", the three bimbos are slated to be on the show as well (whoopie... hot chicks should be seen and not heard)... And I think the highlight of the day's gonna be Dave Navarro's new band, "The Panic Channel" performing live.... by the time he hits the stage at 5, the place should be going off.. Enjoy the show...and keep listening to the station.....we're on a roll

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

is it that time again???? time to share "thoughts from the corner office"??? i would love to blog this site...but due to the extreme heat, my brain has turned to "mush"... but i'm glad you listen to the station...and enjoy this web site... we're getting tons of great hits from all over the world... and that's cool... keep listening to the station to find out where we'll be because there are a ton of personal appearances coming.... with chances to win money, trips to the playboy mansion and more... gtg.... my computer just burst into flames....